Price Busters

Rural King wants to pass the savings on to you!  Our Price Buster program has been a huge success.  I thought I would pass along a little in sight to what the program is all about.  A Price Buster is an item that has a Special Sale Price that is good for basically two months.  Our Buying Staff has gone to our Vendors and negotiated a temporary price reduction from the vendor that we can pass on to our Customers.  We try to select key, seasonable correct item to have on sale at the time you need it.  What good would it do to have a sale on Ice Scrapers in the middle of July?

SKU 11464100

For example we have Drexel Imitator 1 Gallon RTU Glyphosate SKU 11464100 regular price $6.99 now $4.99 from April 28th to June 29, 2013.  This is the perfect time for when everyone is getting their yards whipped into shape from the long cold Winter and wet Spring.

SKU 610267

We have our R-1341 30 lbs Cylinder was $119.99 now $99.99 April 28th to June 29, 2013.  We also have our R-134A 12 oz can SKU 610092 Was $6.99 now $4.99 April 28th to June 29, 2013.  Just in time for the hot Summer Days.

SKU 77070154

Want your dog to be able to run free in your yard but keep him in the yard.  Try the Pet Safe Wireless Instant Fence Pet Containment.  Was $249.99 Now $239.99 April 28th to June 29,2013.

Check out this great items and more in our Weekly Ads or Stop by your local Store to see more.


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