Recharge Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner

It’s hot, so sometimes, our vehicle’s air conditioners don’t feel as cold as they should. It’s always a good idea to have it serviced regularly, but sometimes, there’s no time or money to do so. In that case, you can charge the system yourself, and thanks to Rural King, it’s very inexpensive. Rural King carries 12 oz. cans of R-134a refrigerant plus all the other necessary supplies.

Here are some basic steps to recharging your system.

  1. Determine if you have any refrigerant left in your system at all.
  2. Check for any obvious leaks. If your system has lost sufficient refrigerant to quit working.
  3. Make sure the condensing coils are not obstructed with debris, and that the compressor is operating.
  4. Tap your refrigerant can.
  5. Securely thread the tapping valve on the refrigerant can, close the valve completely shut.
  6. Purge the charging hose by opening the valve until you hear it fill with refrigerant, then slowly loosening the brass fitting that connects the hose to the valve.
  7. Locate the low pressure charging port on the refrigerant line on your car.
  8. Crank your engine and turn the AC on high cool, high fan.
  9. Open the valve until you hear refrigerant passing through the hose.
  10. Allow the can to dispense its contents.
  11. Close the valve and disconnect the hose when the can is empty or no longer discharging enough to keep the can cold.
  12. Check the air from the AC vents in the car.