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RK Tractors: Rural King’s Line of Compact and Utility Tractors

RK Tractors have quickly become the talk of the compact and utility tractor community. Rural King proudly released our new line of tractors to select store locations in early 2017. Since then, we have been blazing trails in the world of power equipment. Our tractors have been tested by farmers and homesteaders alike. Read on for more details on our line of outstanding RK Tractors.

RK Tractors – America’s Fastest-Growing Compact and Utility Tractor Brand

A New Breed of Tractor - RK Tractors Line

In April 2017, Rural King launched our RK Tractors line at seven of our store locations. What started as a modest entry into the sub-compact and compact tractor market became so much more to our associates and our customers.

RK Tractors has become the fastest growing compact and utility tractor brand in the United States. Now, we offer RK Tractors at 45 Rural King locations and plan to one day offer our tractors at all our stores and beyond.

More Tractor. Less Price.™

The secret to our success is really no secret. We offer only premium-spec tractors with the industry’s best warranty, for thousands less than what you would pay for the competition. More Tractor. Less Price.™

When you’re looking to buy a tractor, you look for special features. Normally, when you find a tractor loaded with capabilities, you’ll be sure to pay a LOAD more for every extra piece. That’s not what RK Tractors is all about.

When You Buy an RK Tractor, You Won’t Pay Extra for Features Like…

  • Rear Remotes
  • Work Lights
  • Draft Control
  • Quick-Attach Loaders
  • Backhoe Thumbs
  • Audio Systems
  • Upgraded Seat

Things that are optional for other brands come standard with ours!

We buy our tractors directly from our manufacturing partner. That allows us to pass on tremendous savings onto you, our customer. That’s what More Tractor. Less Price.™ is all about. You get the lowest priced tractor with the features you need at no extra cost.

RK55 RK Tractors


The RK Tractor Lineup and Prices

The RK Tractors line features 11 models ranging from 19 to 74HP. The 19 – 55HP models feature Tier 4 industry leader Yanmar diesel engines, with the 55HP being turbocharged, while the 74HP tractors are powered by powerful Deutz Tier 4 turbocharged engines.

Here is the full range with prices that include a quick-attach front-end-loader (prices are the final, every day price):

RK19H RK TractorsRK19H – 19HP ($10,298) 2 Range hydrostatic transmission tractor & loader

RK24H RK TractorsRK24H – 24HP ($12,798) 2 Range hydrostatic transmission tractor & loader

RK37HC RK TractorsRK37S – 37HP ($19,998) 12F/12R Shuttle shift transmission open station tractor & loader

  • RK37H -37HP ($21,998)
    • 3-Range hydrostatic transmission open station tractor & loader
  • RK37SC – 37HP ($24,498)
    • 12F/12R Shuttle shift transmission cab tractor & loader
  • RK37HC – 37HP ($25,498)
    • 3-Range hydrostatic transmission cab tractor & loader

RK55SC RK TractorsRK55S – 55HP Turbo 16F/16R ($24,498) Shuttle shift transmission open station tractor & loader

  • RK55H – 55HP Turbo ($26,998)
    • 3-Range hydrostatic transmission open station tractor & loader
  • RK55SC – 55HP Turbo 16F/16R ($28,998)
    • Shuttle shift transmission cab tractor & loader
  • RK55HC – 55HP Turbo ($29,998)
    • 3-Range hydrostatic transmission cab tractor & loader

RK74 RK TractorsRK74PSC – 74HP Turbo ($42,998) 16F/16R Power shuttle cab tractor & self-leveling loader

Parts, Service, & the Industry’s Best Warranty

RK Service Logo for RK TractorsAll RK Tractors ranging from 19 to 55HP come with a 2-year full machine and industry best 8-year powertrain warranty for tractors under 60HP.

The RK74 comes with a 2-year full machine and industry best-in-class 5-year powertrain warranty.

We perform service and maintenance at every RK Tractors location as part of our multi-layer approach to service. With our team of mobile technicians, fleet of service vehicles, and our two tractor assembly centers in Ohio and Florida, we are prepared to service what we sell.

Visit RKTractors.com or RK Tractors Store Locations

Mike Morgan Outdoors with the Morgans RK Tractors at workWatch our RK Tractors at work! Outdoors With the Morgans features our tractors on their YouTube channel. Host, Mike Morgan, puts our tractors to test completing projects all around his home.

Visit RKTractors.com or Find One of Our RK Tractors Locations to search our selection and get more details on any of our tractors.

You may also view RK Tractors 19-55HP Full Line Brochure and the RK74 Brochure. These can be printed directly from the site to take with you.

30 thoughts on “RK Tractors: Rural King’s Line of Compact and Utility Tractors

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  2. Sean Stanton

    Your article about your new tractor line says “assembly” multiple times, but does not mention who is actually manufacturing the major components that you are assembling together to make your tractors. Can you let us know what company or companies is/are manufacturing the engines, transmissions, etc., and what country/countries they are located in? I would like to buy American if at all possible. Thanks.

    1. Sue Francis Post author

      We’ve partnered with several companies for the different components of RK Tractors:

      It’s important to note that no tractors under 60 HP are manufactured in the United States.

      Tong Yang Moolsan manufactures our tractors in the same ISO-9001 certified facility in Korea that manufactures several of the top tractor brands, and the tractors are assembled at our Waverly, OH facility.

      Our Yanmar diesel engines are manufactured in Adairsville, GA.

      Our tires and wheels are manufactured by Quincy, IL based Titan International, the world’s leading supplier of off-road tire & wheel assemblies. We also offer tires manufactured by Carlstar Group (Carlisle Tires), based in Franklin, TN.

      The RK by King Kutter implements are made in Winfield, AL. King Kutter is the leader in small tractor implements.

      Rim Guard liquid tire ballast, aka “beet juice”, is manufactured in Wyoming, MI and is standard with RK 37 and RK 55 models purchased with a front loader.

      Thanks for your question!

  3. John Sandidge

    I live in upper east TN and was wondering if you were possibly looking to expand in this area? TSC needs competition in our area. I am located 40 miles from Bristol Race track , they host NASCAR racing

    1. Sue Francis Post author

      Hi John,
      It looks like our closest store to you would be our Knoxville, TN store. We are always on the lookout for good locations, though, so I’ll pass on your comment!

  4. Eric E Cook Sr

    Any chance the Greenville,Ohio store will be getting a few tractors so we may get a look at them. The price is right. I would like more information and a look at them.

    1. Sue Francis Post author

      Hi Eric,
      We are hoping to roll out the tractors to more stores next year, but at the moment, just the 7 pilot stores will have the tractors on hand. It looks like our Circleville, OH pilot store is the closest to you, if you feel like taking a road trip!
      Thanks for the question!

  5. Aaron

    Miss Sue,

    Is there a link to additional information on the warranty and spec sheet to the tractors?

    We’re in the market for one and trying to compare the major brands around us at the Circleville, OH location…as you may know we have Green, Blue, Orange, Red, and now another Red dealer within 30 minute drive 🙂 The more research I can do before being bombarded by sales people the better.

    1. Sue Francis Post author

      I hope to have that information for you in a shareable format by later this afternoon or first thing in the morning.

        1. Sue Francis Post author


          I’m adding the spec sheets for the RK24, RK37, and RK55 tractors to the original post. The RK19 information is still being formatted, and I’ll post when that is available.

          All RK Tractors have an 8 year, 3000 hour powertrain warranty, as well.

    1. Sue Francis Post author

      Yes, our mechanics are fully trained to perform all service and repair.
      Thanks for your question!

  6. Lee L.

    Good for Rural King for getting back into tractors. I remember when they were a MF dealer for awhile.

    Looked over your tractors and prices, accessories and warranty. All I can say is wow. I don’t know if this is just a promo to get your product out but you are making these things look very attractive.

    Just out of curiosity are you guys going to be able to ship these tractors and can you special order certain items like R-1 Ag tires instead of the typical R-4.

    1. Sue Francis Post author

      Thank you for your question!

      We are planning to ship the tractors in the future, but as of now, we are unable to ship.

  7. Mike

    What rates/terms are available on these tractors if financed through RK? I do realize credit history is a factor, but am curious what best case scenario is?


  8. Larry

    I live in louisiana we dont have much of a choice when it comes to buying farm supply how bout coming to the south

    1. Sue Francis Post author

      We’re always looking for new locations! I’ll pass along your suggestion.

  9. Jared

    Can I get mid mount mower, backhoe and front loader on a cab tractor? and if so which one and how much total?

    1. Sue Francis Post author

      The cab tractors will have rotary cutters available in our RK by King Kutter line, but the mid-mount mower is not available on RK37 or RK55.

      The RK24 has all 3 attachments available, but it does not have a cab option.

  10. Daniel R Leaders

    I will have to wait until they are available at all your stores . As I live in Southern Michigan . Your warranty looks to be the BEST of any other brand

  11. Walter

    I am very interested in the RK24H what store is closest to 39355 Quitman MS and what would be the shipping cost. Could you send me information on this tractor.


    1. Sue Francis Post author

      We have plans to ship the tractors in the future, but at the moment, shipping is not available.

      Thank you for your question!

  12. Rich

    Will RK be a Service Center for all TYM tractors or just the ones built specifically for RK? Love the TYM tractors but actual dealers and service centers are far between. Will you carry customer purchaseable service parts for the TYM’s as well?

    1. Sue Francis Post author

      Hi Rich,

      We will be able to service TYM tractors at our 7 pilot stores, but we will not be able to complete warranty work on TYM’s.

      Thanks for your question!

  13. Steve c.

    I’ve been comparing the to to the yanmar’s for a couple weeks now, the biggest difference I see so far is the much cheaper price. I hope to find more of a diff. Today to justify the cost of the comperable rk to the yanmar’s.

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