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gun barn

The Gun Barn:

The Gun Barn is an exciting new venture that Rural King is providing. We are now carrying a good quality assortment of handguns, rifles and shotguns at fair prices. We are featuring guns on our weekly ads and we also have a ‘Gun of the Week’ that may be a new arrival or special discount.

We currently have 19 stores that have a Gun Barn, they are as follows: Mattoon IL, Vandalia IL, Litchfield IL, Terre Haute IN, Effingham IL, Waterloo IL, Jasper IN, Marion IL, Vincennes IN, Lafayette IN, Kokomo IN, Martinsville IN, Columbus IN, W. Evansville IN, Macon County IL, Champaign IL, Wentzville MO, Circleville OH, and Xenia Oh.

Our goal is to have 24 to 26 stores in the business by the end of the year. We also want to offer training classes in each location for Hunter safety and Conceal carry programs. Qualified instructors are welcome to contact our gun buyer by phone or email: Mark Pentecost 800-860-8115 ext. 247 or at   Suggestions from customers looking for guns are always welcome and lists are reviewed daily when dealing with suppliers.



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I joined Rural King shortly after graduating from Eastern Illinois University, where I received my B.S. in Management Information Systems. I also hold an MBA from Eastern Illinois University. My first position with Rural King was Web Design Assistant. After 3 months, I obtained the position of Internet Store Manager for 1 year, I was Marketing Manager for Rural King for 1 year and I am now Vice President of E-Commerce. I have always enjoyed working with websites and I am glad that I get to continue my passion with websites at Rural King. Jeremy Miller

15 thoughts on “Rural King: Gun Barn

  1. Thomas Lane

    I just heard the Niles, MI store is supposed to start selling guns by Fall 2013, is this true? Will you also do special orders/FFL transfers?

  2. Burdette L Kiser

    Dear sirs i am interested in Smith and Wesson 40VE DAO hand gunpleas advise me where i could get one the Store in Norwalk, Ohio doesn’t carry guns they carry ammunition. please advise meto the closet store i live in Fremont , Ohio
    Sincerely yours, Burdette L Kiser

  3. Norm Tucker

    I am curious why I cannot see what guns you carry at the stores. I am in Indianapolis and do business in Mattoon a lot. Recently visited your Champaing store and I am currently in the market for something for home protection. The Mossberg 22LR Tac rifle caught my attention as it was on sale for a reasonable price – when I went to Columbus it had gone back up in price so I passed. Is it scheduled to go back on the market and can I get ammo for it?

    …also, if I purchase a weapon in Illinois can I transport it in my trunk to Indiana – I do not have a CCW permit.

    Thanks – enjoy your stores!

  4. Earl Lancaster

    If you buy a pistol, is there a wait time before you get it or do you take it home the same day? Thanks, Earl

  5. Brandt Rodgers

    Update your site more frequently! This offer is no longer good. Missed out on a P226 from TNT because I was banking on this being accurate. I think I’ll pass on Rural King firearms for a while. Think you guys need a bit more practice on your E-Commerce skills.

  6. Wing Smith

    Will you offer the ability to shop for and purchase firearms online with local pickup at a Gun Barn location?

  7. Derick tharp

    Thank you so much for deciding to sell guns in your Champaign, Il. Store. Especially in these times of anti-gun attitude that is spread amoung the “sheeple”!

  8. Rick McPherson

    Had income tax money burning a hole in my pocket so I went gun shopping today. I must say that I was a little more than discouraged when I finally walked into Rural King. I had only stopped there as an after thought. I’d heard that they had started selling guns but never dreamed I’d find any decent prices. My jaw hit the floor when I found a Ruger LC9 for $329. That was $50 off of Rural King’s normal price and $95 cheaper than I had found it anywhere else in Clarksville Tn. From now on Rural King will be my first stop when I am gun shopping.

    Lovin’ me some “Gun of the Week” sales!!!!

  9. ronnie knight

    I live in Madisonville ky. a lot of hunters and gun lovers, I want to rural king for starting to sell guns in their stores in ky. looking forward to seeing the inventory grow at my rural king. thank you

  10. Mike Cox

    IYour 90 day layaway for guns was a really good thing. Changing it to 30 was stupid. Why would I layaway at your store for that when most others are at least 60? Most everyone I know is very disappointed in your new policy. As a veteran, a father and a working tax payer and a member of one of the largest Unions in this country ,
    I will do my best to let my 8 million brothers and sisters know not to shop at your stores.

  11. Michael

    I just want to say how impressed I am with the new Rural King in Lake Wales, Florida.
    A couple of months back I walked in to the Lake Wales store and was amazed at the selection of sporting goods, firearms and ammunition. I am a life member of the National Rifle Association and I cannot express enough how happy I was to see that the Lake Wales Rural King is a NRA training center. Right there above the gun counter is a sign “Official NRA Training Center.”
    When I asked the store clerk about the sign, I was told that NRA firearm training classes are conducted right in the store. To my surprise and pleasure, I learned that NRA handgun, rifle and shotgun safety classes are taught right there. Not the cheap concealed carry classes, but real NRA firearm training classes, taught by NRA certified instructors.
    CONGRATULATIONS Rural King! ! ! Keep up the good work!
    I hope you put the NRA in all your stores.

    NRA Life Member


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