Rural King Rebates

Rural King’s rebates are used for customers to have an opportunity to receive a gift card for a particular amount, depending on the product they purchased. The products that are currently offering rebates are as follows:

  • All in One Rose Concentrate
  • Driveway Filler and Sealant
  • Era Detergent
  • Garden Hose Ultra Flex
  • Imitator Plus RTU
  • Ortho Ground Clear 1 Gal
  • Rural King Bucket
  • Rust-Oleum Spray Gloss
  • Sauce Master
  • Sunflower Seeds Black oil 40 lb
  • Survival Ammo Can

After you have purchased one of the above items you then will need to go to our rebates page at There you will be able to enter all of the necessary information in order to submit your rebate. SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!! This is very important, you will need the code at the bottom of your receipt in order to submit your rebate; as shown below.



If you have any issues with your rebate or have any questions about how to submit your rebate you can call our Rural King Rebate Center at: 800-860-8115 or call our Customer Service Line at: 1-800-561-1752.

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I joined Rural King shortly after graduating from Eastern Illinois University, where I received my B.S. in Management Information Systems. I also hold an MBA from Eastern Illinois University. My first position with Rural King was Web Design Assistant. After 3 months, I obtained the position of Internet Store Manager for 1 year, I was Marketing Manager for Rural King for 1 year and I am now Vice President of E-Commerce. I have always enjoyed working with websites and I am glad that I get to continue my passion with websites at Rural King. Jeremy Miller

4 thoughts on “Rural King Rebates

  1. Gary Siler

    I have one question and one comment, as follows.

    1. Has Rural King considered locating a store in the Augusta, GA area? Cabela has announced a new store for Augusta, and Bass Pro Shops is preparing to build one near us in Columbia County, GA, immediately adjacent to Augusta. Your store would be such a welcome and well-shopped entity in this area.

    2. Thus far, I have only had one opportunity to purchase from RK, but I was very satisfied with the product and its price, but more impressed with the Customer Service. Can online shoppers take advantage of the rebates?

    Thank You for reading this note, and I look forward to your responses.

    Gary Siler
    Martinez, GA 30907

  2. Randy Kleckner

    I like your rebate programs. They are easy to fill out and work with. However, I have to wonder how it would be if you would issue Rural King “Rewards” cards (or whatever you called them) that a customer could keep and the rebates were applied to those cards rather than a new card sent for every rebate? Fewer cards to print. Fewer cards to mail out. Fewer cards your customers would have to deal with. Once in place there would be a number of promotions you could do with a customer card.

  3. more

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  4. Jeanette Schweiger

    I submitted a rebate for sunflower rebate the end of November or the firstf December and was told the rebate was received. I tried to check on the rebate and got the reply there was no such rebate. The receipt number is very difficult to read so I’m not sure I’m entering it right. How can I check on this?


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