Spring Promotion: April 6th-12st


Now is the time to tune up the mowers and get your lawn in top shape!  According to our friends at Brinly-Hardy Company, the two best things you can do in the Spring/Fall is to 1) Aerate your lawn and 2) Spread seed and fertilizer:

  • Aeration:  This process helps to loosen compacted soil to allow water, air and nutrients to reach a lawn’s root system.
  • Spread Seed and Fertilizer:  This aids in providing a lawn the nutrients it needs to fend off weeds and help grow strong roots and the thick, green grass you long for.

This being said, has teamed up with Brinly-Hardy Company to bring you some great deals on these 3 great products to get you growing at a great price!

Brinly-Hardy Spring 2013 Promotion

Brinly-Hardy Spring 2013 Promotion

Clouds and Green Field

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