Shop Now Pay Later

Rural King has LAYAWAY!

Do you have a lot of items in mind that you want to buy but just don’t have the resources to buy it now? ┬áThat is no problem. Rural King Stores have layaway.



So go ahead! Get everything you want with worry-free layaway!

It just requires 10% down and monthly payments.

*Because of the Holidays, layaway items must be paid for and picked up by December 15, 2013

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3 thoughts on “Shop Now Pay Later

  1. amanda

    Too bad I drove 20 min to my neatest RK in hopes to put on a layaway and was told they don’t have enough stroage space and only accept large items with 50% down and only a month to pay it off

  2. Josh Schoolcraft

    Does the 10% down go on the price of the item with or without tax being taken into account? I’m sure it is probably on the total including tax, but im just curious.


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