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5 Foil Packet Meals for Happy Campers

Grab your backpacks, sleeping bags, and tents! It’s time to go camping! And, Rural King has the perfect take-along tin foil packet meals for your camping crew. Did you know you could be eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert over the campfire? Well, I’ll teach you what you need to set up that campsite-kitchen, then we’ll get into some tasty foil packet dinners.

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Happy Camping

With the summer months approaching fast, a lot of us will be taking our family and friends camping! Here are some tips to make it just a little easier for you! Happy Camping everyone!


Use bungie straps to attach a paper towel holder to a water jug. Put some soap in the water or next to the jug and you get a nice little Hand Washing Station!!


Need some lighting in your tent? Strap a head lamp to a gallon jug of water to fill the entire tent with ambient light.


Get some solar powered light stakes to put around the tent stakes so there won’t be any late night tripping of those darn things.


Bring along some Orajel! Not only will it be useful if there are any painful toothaches, but it also help calm the irritation of mosquito bites.


DIY Fire Starters! Grab some of that lent from the dryer and stuff it in some saved up toilet paper rolls and there ya have it, fire starters!


Everyone knows that duct type can fix everything! But sometimes having a whole roll of duct type toting around with you can be a spacey issue. Just wrap a couple feet of duct tape around a lighter so you have a nice handy roll of duct type right there in your pocket.


Put your papered goods in coffee cans for safe keeping from all types of weather!