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Canning Food to Enjoy All Year Long

Before refrigeration existed, people used canning to preserve the food from harvest all year round. Learn the canning basics below!

Canned Tomatoes   Canned Oranges

The process of canning kills microorganisms that cause food to spoil and seals the jar to prevent any other spoilers from getting in.

Some food requires high temperature and pressure to be preserved, while other, more acidic food can be preserved with a boiling water bath.

Here are the basic supplies you’ll need for canning…

Let’s get started!

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Canning and Preserving Foods For Beginners

Canning is not as tough as you may think. It’s a great way to save all your homegrown fruits and vegetables, which is a great way to save money on the homestead. It’s an easy way to begin preserving produce for the winter. By following Ball’s 3-step process for beginnings, you will be canning in no time!

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