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How to Protect Your Car From Mud, Fur, and Slobber

Keeping a clean car is tough when traveling with your canine companion. Taking your dog camping, hiking, to the beach, or on any outdoorsy adventure can lead to a very dirty dog – and car! By prepping your vehicle for these messy instances, you’ll be able to save time cleaning and spend more time with your pup. Follow the guidelines below and say goodbye to constant mud, fur, and slobber taking over your car. Continue reading

Organization Tips For Your Garage!

Does anyone else have spring fever?!?!!

As a new homeowner I am itching to get my new garage organized and ready for spring! We purchased our home in October and since the move our garage has just become a catch all of summer outdoor furniture and storage. I have high hopes that this will be the last winter that I cannot fit my car inside of the garage!



1. Declutter!
-Get rid of junk and clutter that you have been holding on to. Stop using your garage as limbo for
items that you have yet to make a decision on!

2. Plan!
-Make a plan for your garage! Using “zones” may be a good way to do so! Common zones are workshop, storage, sports equipment, tools, lawn and garden, and seasonal .

3. Organize!
-Organize the items that you are keeping. Once the decisions have been made for the items you are keeping, group them together. You can use the “zones” that you decided on previously!

4. Consider Storage Solutions That Will Work for You!
-More than other types of storage areas within your home, your garage does not typically have a lot of free floor space. Instead, the floor space must be kept clear so that you can park your cars. Think outside the box when considering options!

5. Label and Inventory!
-The last step (Finally!) in the Organize Your Garage Challenge is to label all the boxes or other containers of stuff you’ve decided to store in there. Make sure to label all four sides of each container, as well as the top, so you can tell from any direction what is in the box.

If your family has sporting items to store, this simple PVC pipe ball rack makes storage a cinch! Also, these are easy to get to for that impromptu game of H-O-R-S-E!


I LOVE using ceiling space for storage. The ceiling is there, unused, available square footage! Why not use it to the best of your ability. Although this suggestion requires precise preparation, it would offer more storage at an affordable price. And it stand the test of time!

Via: FamilyhandymanCreate a Sliding Storage System On the Garage Ceiling


This quick hack using a simple piece of wood and with cut PVC screwed in for a functional display of your most used tool!


Visit your local Rural King for supplies!
(Or visit us online at www.ruralking.com)

Happy Organizing!!

How to Remove Oil Paint from Clothing

Craft and home improvement projects can lead to paint stains on walls, stone and clothing. The best way to avoid this is covering objects with drop cloths and wearing old clothing; however, they can sometimes be removed from fabric. Find out more about how to remove paint from clothes by reading the laundry tips below.

1.  Do not apply water to a fresh or dried oil paint stain.

2.  Buy an oil paint solvent like Distilled Turpentine at the home improvement store when you buy your paint. Keep it on hand for oil based stains.

3.  Apply the oil paint solvent to the article of clothing.

  • If you do not have a solvent, use WD-40.
  • WD-40

    WD-40 12 oz. Smart Straw Aerosol

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4.  Rub the solvent against the stain using other clothing fabic

5.  Wipe up the solvent and stain with a clean rag.

6.  Repeat application of the solvent, if much of the stain remains.

7.  Fill a bucket with warm water. Mix with dish washing soap, which can cut the grease in the paint and solvent.


Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid, Original Scent, 24 oz 22205

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8.  Soak the article of clothing for 1 hour.
9.  Launder the piece of clothing immediately.

  • If the oil solvent doesn’t effectively treat paint stains, dip a cotton ball in turpentine and apply it to the stain. Rub gently. Launder it immediately following the application.

Spring Clean While Saving Space

Is your house over-cluttered with small items loosely sprawled everywhere?  Are you having trouble seeing the bottom of your junk drawer?  You don’t have to suffer with discord in your home when you could create a special organizational system that involves storing your items in small jars that can be housed underneath your cabinets and save space.

1.  Locate an area in your home for your space saver set. Consider setting up your space saving jars in a laundry room or even the garage cabinets. You will be permanently adding this set to a cabinet so make sure you don’t damage expensive or new cabinetry.

  • Find a well-traveled area or an area that is easy to access.
  • Make sure the cabinets can support several mounted jars underneath. If the cabinets are damaged or have poor support, consider using a different cabinet.

2. Separate lids from each jar. You will be affixing the lids to the wooden block.

3.  Line wooden block with lids. Before you make it permanent, map out where each lid will go on the block. Make sure you have enough room to screw and unscrew each jar once the lids and system is put in place.  Trace each lid in the place so you can keep your map in place once you begin to glue the lids.

4. Glue lids onto block. Add several dollops of glue to the top of the lid and then hold in place on wooden block.  Allow several hours or overnight to dry. While the glue will most likely hold in place within minutes but you will want to wait in order to ensure the lids don’t come unglued.

5.  Mount wooden block underneath the cabinet. Slather wood or industrial strength glue on the back of the wooden block. Working quickly affix the wooden block underneath the cabinet and hold in place.

  • You may need to hold block in place for several minutes to ensure it remains in place.
  • Consider purchasing or picking up a few wooden blocks that measure the width between your cabinet bottom and the countertop. Slide those blocks in place to hold the glued block in place and provide a lengthy dry time.

6. Fill jars with items and screw in place. Once wooden block has completely dried, remove supports and use jar system as needed.

Items You Will Need

Ball, Pint (16 oz), Wide Mouth, Mason Canning Jars, 12-Pack 66000

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Gorilla Glue 4 Oz Bottle

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A Little Spring, A Little Clean

Spring is fast approaching and we all know what that means……SPRING CLEANING! I know just the thought can make you cringe but we all know it must be done. After being cooped up in our homes for the past few months every inch of our homes has been used at some point and most likely not as clean as we would like. I have found a great cleaning check list and an awesome website for natural homemade cleaners. I hope you find this as helpful as I did, happy cleaning!

broom         cleaner        lemon-fresh_28_1         mop

*The best spring cleaning website I found for a complete checklist-


*All natural –making your own cleaners from household products-


**Some areas I find troublesome:


This is the perfect time to weed out some of the clothes you are have been hanging onto that no longer fit or have outstayed their welcome. Buy some new hangers and start organizing and putting away all of the space hogging winter clothing.

*Cleaning tiles and grout: ½ cup baking soda into 2 gallons of water, who would have thought it would be so simple?!

*Cleaning your granite: soap scum or mildew- ½ cut ammonia in a gallon of water/ coffee and juice stains- use a little hydrogen peroxide in water plus just a few drops of ammonia.

Go check out your local Rural King, you will find all you need to make the cleaners yourself and the supplies to put the cleaners to the test!!

Links to the Ruralking.com website for the some of the essential items needed to get the job done:

mops:  http://search.ruralking.com/search?p=Q&asug=&w=mops

Brooms:  http://search.ruralking.com/search?view=grid&w=brooms

cleaners: http://search.ruralking.com/search?view=grid&w=cleaner

Libman Brand:  http://search.ruralking.com/search?view=grid&w=libman