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DIY Hanging Mason Jar Lights

While entertaining alfresco this season, these simple floating jar votives suspended from garden hooks make for that perfect final patio touch, offering an inviting, soft glow that keeps the gathering going long into the evening.

For this project we picked from a handful of mismatched empty mason jars that have stacked up around the house. The varied sizes lend to that overall rustic appeal. We love how they can easily be transferred indoors or out, depending on where you’re entertaining. Use them for a summer party, upcoming wedding or a respite with the family over a glass of wine.

Hanging Lights

1. Separate the bands from the lids and drill equidistant holes near the base of each band (we used a 7/64-inch bit).
Project Collage
2. Using wire cutters, snip 8-inch long strips from clock chain and attach through the holes in the jar bands using pliers, to create hanging handles. We used #5 sized clock chain, because it’s sturdy for holding the weight of the jars while still giving off a delicate feel. We found it at our local hardware store in the same aisle as regular chain and jack chain, which could just as easily be used for this project.

3. Twist bands around the jar mouths to secure, creating a hanging mason jar.
Jelly Jar with Pliers
4. Fill jars about halfway with water, drop tea lights inside to float and light to create an instantly glowing group of mason jar votives. Cluster and use them just like this for an inviting indoor or outdoor centerpiece.
Finished Lights
5. Suspend jars from garden hooks secured along a fence as hanging lanterns.
Lights Hanging

What you will Need


Ball, 1/2 Pint (8 oz), Regular Mouth, Mason Canning Jars, 12-Pack 60000

SKU: 001280052

Dare Wire Cutters 2290

SKU: 070040168


Candle-Lite Tealight 50 ct. White 1261595

SKU: 014047001

Genesis 18V Cordless Drill/Driver Kit GCD18BK

SKU: 093140502

Clothes Pin Crafts Anyone Can Do

Hello!! With all of this crazy cold weather we have been having and getting snowed in I have found a couple really nice inexpensive clothes pin crafts anyone can do. Most of the supplies needed for these crafts can be found at your local Rural King.

clothes pin craft


I loved the look of this, and who doesn’t love to show off their patriotic side once in a while? This can be done in so many different colors or designs as well.




Who would have thought you could turn your old food cans into an awesome home decor look?! This is so easy and again can be done with a different design or color to match your homes decor.

Check out your local Rural King for more craft inspiration there is always something to find!


Bird Seed Ornament

Bird seed ornaments are a simple and fun craft for children to do!


What you will need:

  • Any kind of Bird Seed
  • Peanut butter
  • Paper and scissors
  • String

How to make your Ornament:

  • Cut out a shape with your scissors and your paper (such as a heart) and also tie a string to the top of your shape so that you can hang your ornament when it’s finished.
  • Next take your shape and spread peanut butter all over one side of your shape.
  • Then take the side with the peanut butter and smash it into a plate of bird seed until there is bird seed covering the entire peanut butter surface.

When you are finished you can hang your ornament outside on a tree or a bush and watch the birds enjoy their treat! Easy as that!