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Pests That Could be Killing Your Bees

Once a honeybee hive is populated and fully functioning, beekeeping is relatively simple. You should be checking up on your bees about every other week. The most important reason for these inspections is to make sure your bees are protected against pests and diseases. There are a number of common bee diseases and pests that you should be looking for each time you inspect, like Varroa Mites, Nosema, Chalkbrood, and more. We will go over the signs of these bee killers and the best way to fix the problem before you lose your buzzing buddies.Macro image of a dead bee on a leaf from a hive in decline, plagued by the Colony collapse disorder and other diseases

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Bird Flu: Keep Your Flock and Family Safe

People who keep backyard chickens should be aware of the risks of Avian Flu (Bird Flu), as it is a disease that can destroy a flock. Bird Flu can also potentially spread to humans. It is important to take precautions to reduce the risk that your chickens or family will contract this deadly disease.

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