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RK74PSC: The Newest Addition to the RK Tractors Family

Rural King is proud to announce the newest addition to the RK Tractors family, the RK74PSC. The RK74PSC (Power Shuttle Cab) is a quality, utility tractor designed with the farmer in mind. Keeping with our slogan, More Tractor. Less Price.™, our newest RK Tractors model is comparable to other top-rated tractors in its class and ready to get started helping with jobs on the farm. Read on for details on the RK74PSC and everything that goes into our new favorite piece of power equipment.

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RK Tractors: Rural King’s Line of Compact and Utility Tractors

RK Tractors have quickly become the talk of the compact and utility tractor community. Rural King proudly released our new line of tractors to select store locations in early 2017. Since then, we have been blazing trails in the world of power equipment. Our tractors have been tested by farmers and homesteaders alike. Read on for more details on our line of outstanding RK Tractors.

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