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Fertilize Your Lawn for Fall: When, Why, & How?

Did you know that most homeowners overfertilize their lawns and gardens? And, some don’t fertilize at all! You can have a green, luscious, fantastic-looking lawn in the Spring if you prepare it properly with Fall lawn fertilization. If you’ve ever wondered if fertilizing your lawn in the Fall is important, how much fertilizer you should be using, when you should fertilize your lawn, or even what ratio of nutrients your winter fertilizer should include, you will find your answers here.

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How to Winterize Your Coop & Keep Your Flock Happy in Cold Climates

Raising chickens in cold climates can be scary for new chicken owners. Egg production slows down, and new issues arise as your chickens are introduced to colder temperatures. Be sure to winterize your coop to make sure your flock stays warm, happy, and healthy.

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