Talk About a Growth Spurt!

This year we are growing rapidly! In the past several months we have opened stores in a five new locations.

Those new stores are located in:

  • Lebanon, Ohio
  • Xenia, Ohio
  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Norwalk, Ohio
  • Fremont, Ohio

Also this year we are super excited to open four more stores in new locations!

These new locations include the following:

  • Spring Hill, Florida
  • Coshocton, Ohio
  • Shelbyville, Indiana
  • New Philadelphia, Ohio

When will these stores be opening?

Well Spring Hill, Florida will be the first with their soft open starting on August 19th. The grand opening will be September 6th and 7th.

Coshocton, Ohio will have their soft open starting on September 16th, with the grand opening October 2nd-5th.

Shelbyville, Indiana will have their soft open starting on September 23rd as well, with the grand opening also being October 2nd-5th.

And last but not least! New Philadelphia, Ohio will have their soft open start on October 21st. With the grand opening being October 30th– November 20th.

Wanna find your closest store location? Click Here!

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9 thoughts on “Talk About a Growth Spurt!

  1. Sally Girard

    I worked for 3 years in McKenzie Tn store then moved to mid Missouri… I really wish you would open a store near me… I love shopping there. And there is an empty Walmart building in Mexico Missouri (approx. 30 miles from me :) ) that would fit so easy to a be a Rural King…. and is located between Super Walmart and Orchlins… big parking lot, fenced garden center area…. Please Please Please give it a thought… This rural area really could use Rural KIng… Thanks for your time…. Sally

  2. Rural King SupplyRural King Supply

    Good morning, All, Our plans for the Fall of 2013 have already been finalized. But, we are just now starting to look for locations for the Spring of 2014. We will pass all of your requests on to the Real Estate Department. Thanks!!!


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