The Perfect Snack – Sugar River Jerky Meat Sticks

Are you looking for that Perfect Snack? Rural King is the place that carries that Perfect Snack. This snack is perfect for putting out at parties, taking on road trips, or even just as a quick snack around the house! What is the snack you are probably asking? It is Sugar River Jerky Meat Sticks. We sell a variety of flavors consisting of the following: Original Beef and Pork, Original Beef, Hot & Spicy, and Original Turkey.This snack will satisfy all ones cravings until, your snack runs out. So the next time you are looking for that perfect snack you may purchase Sugar River Jerky Meat Sticks online at or in a Local Store Location.

 Sugar River Meat Stick - Original Beef Sugar River Hot & Spicy Meat Sticks

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