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5 Foil Packet Meals for Happy Campers

Grab your backpacks, sleeping bags, and tents! It’s time to go camping! And, Rural King has the perfect take-along tin foil packet meals for your camping crew. Did you know you could be eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert over the campfire? Well, I’ll teach you what you need to set up that campsite-kitchen, then we’ll get into some tasty foil packet dinners.

The Campsite-Kitchen

Before you get to cooking, you’ll want to have a great setup for you and your camping buddies. Rural King has everything you need to make your own home away from home:

The Tent

family camping eating lunch

Picking out the perfect tent can be a challenge. You’ll want one that’s big enough for you (and if you plan to have family in the tent with you – don’t forget them!).

  • Only You: If you have to set up camp alone, you don’t need to lug around a huge tent. Get something small that is easy to carry and set up, like this 7’x7′ Short Fly Dome Tent.
  • For Two: Sharing a tent should not be uncomfortable if you have a properly sized tent. For me, a 4-person tent is more comfortable when camping for a long weekend. Try this Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent 9’x7′.
  • The Family: Camping with the family is always a BLAST! Give you and your family plenty of room in the tent and it’s sure to be a great time. For a larger group, the Country Trails Nordic Cross 8-Person Dome Tent is a LARGE tent for a small price.

Sleeping Gear

camping at night under the starsSleeping under the stars doesn’t have to be back-breaking. You can find a number of products that will make sleeping in your tent much more enjoyable.

Sleeping Bag: Sometimes the places you camp will get MUCH colder at night. Make sure you have a sleeping bag rated for the worst temperature you could expect for that area. You adults, try this Exxel Outdoors Adult Sleeping Bag, and for the kids, try the Exxel Youth Sizes in PINK and BLUE.

Air Mattress: This is my preferred method when camping. The better you sleep, the better the next day of hiking, fishing, hunting, or other adventures you’ll get into. Rural King has a HUGE selection of air mattresses in store. Make sure you have a battery pump if you won’t have access to electricity.

The Grilltop

campfire ready to cook tin foil mealsOnce you have the fire going, you’re going to need a grill top to cook your foil dinners on. You’ll want something lightweight that is easy to stow away when not in use.

Tripod GrillsTripods are very lightweight and can work with a tiny, campfire or a larger firepit. They can easily be broken down, making them perfect for hiking. Their only flaw would be the amount of food you can cook due to the small cooking surface.

4-Legged Camp Grills: Camping grills act as a stovetop for your campfire. If you bring castiron pots and pans, you can cook any foods you would make at home on the grill or stovetop. They’re bulkier than tripod grills, but they break down enough to easily pack in the car or van.

Fire PitsNot something you want to be dragging around, but these are great to have in the backyard or even set up next to your cabin for a few weeks. I would only bring one of these if you aren’t sure about open flames in an area or you’ll be camped for 2+ weeks.

Tin Foil Recipes

Cooking over a campfire really takes you back to your roots. Getting the fire started, the smoky taste in the foods, enjoying the fresh air while you cook – there’s nothing like it. Below you’ll find 5 recipes for happy, hungry campers! You’ll want to prepare and wrap these before leaving for your trip, so make sure to plan ahead!

Breakfast – Ham, Egg, and Cheese Scramblers


  • 6 Large Eggs
  • 1 Cup Ham (Chopped)
  • 2 Cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 lb Refrigerated Hash Browns (Thawed)
  • 1/2 Cup Milk
  • Kosher Salt
  • Ground Black Pepper
  • Butter (for your foil)


  1. Get a large resealable plastic bag. Add your cracked eggs, milk, and season with salt and pepper to taste, then stir in hash browns, ham, and cheddar cheese.
  2. Butter 4 squares of aluminum foil, then fold the sides up so your mixture doesn’t run out. Divide the breakfast mixture evenly into the 4 packs and fold tightly to seal.
  3. Be VERY careful when transporting. These can get MESSY!
  4. Place all four packets over your campfire (or grill) and cook until eggs are cooked and hash brown are tender and crispy (about 10 minutes).

Lunch – Grilled Chicken Fajitas


  • 1-1/2 lbs Chicken Breasts (cut into strips)
  • 3 Bell Peppers
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 2 Tbsp Chili Powder
  • 2 Tbsp Cumin
  • 1 tsp Garlic Powder
  • 1 tsp Onion Powder
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • Tortillas


  1. Mix all your spices in a bowl. The ingredients I chose are just a guide. Feel free to go crazy!
  2. Cut the chicken, peppers, and onion into strips, then toss the chicken and veggies in the spice bowl. Once they are thoroughly seasoned, fill 4 aluminum foil squares equally with the mixture and wrap ’em up.
  3. Cook on the campfire grill over indirect heat for about 20-25 minutes. Once cooked, serve with tortillas.

Dinner – Garlic Butter Steak and Potatoes


  • 2-1/2 lb Sirloin Steak, Fat Trimmed (Chopped into 2″ pieces)
  • 1 lb Baby Potatoes (Quartered, boiled for 3 minutes, drained, & cooled)
  • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 2 Tbsp Butter (melted and cooled)
  • Salt and Pepper (to taste)
  • 2 Tbsp Minced Garlic
  • 1 tsp Onion Powder
  • 1 tsp Dried Oregano
  • 1 tsp Dried Parsley
  • 1 tsp Dried Thyme
  • Pinch of Fresh Rosemary Leaves
  • Fresh Thyme Leaves (garnish – optional)


  1. Add your steak, oil, butter, salt, pepper, oregano, parsley, dried thyme, and rosemary leaves to a large mixing bowl. Stir gently until everything is combined and coated.
  2. Divide the steak mixture and potatoes into 4 square aluminum foil sheets. Wrap it up tightly and seal well.
  3. Heat the foil packets over the campfire (high-heat) for about 10-12 minutes. Flip the packets and cook for an additional 10-12 minutes.
  4. Open the packets and let them cook for an additional 2 minutes, then remove them from the heat and serve immediately. Top with your garnish and enjoy!

Dessert – Pineapple Upside Down Cake


  • Pineapple chunks (fresh or canned)
  • Pound Cake (cubed)
  • Butter
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cinnamon or nutmeg (garnish – optional)
  • Whipped Cream or Ice Cream (optional)


Put down two tin foil squares (one on top of the other). Spray with cooking spray to avoid sticking.

Add a handful of pineapple chunks, pound cake cubes, a dollop of butter, and brown sugar to the foil and wrap it all up.

Place over the campfire (indirect for a medium-high heat) and cook for about 15 minutes until the butter has melted and created a “sauce” with the brown sugar. Open the packet for the final few minutes to brown up the cake.

Serve with whipped cream or ice cream and top with cinnamon or nutmeg for a delicious, camp-friendly dessert that the kids will love!

Dessert for the Kids! – Banana Boats


  • 4 Bananas
  • 1/2 Cup Chocolate Chips
  • 1/2 Cup Mini Marshmallows


Slice each banana down the center of one side. Be careful not to cut through the other side!

Open each banana and fill it with chocolate chips and marshmallows. By the way, don’t think you need to stop there. You can fill your banana boat how you like. This particular version is S’mores!

Wrap each banana in aluminum foil and place them over the campfire for about 10 minutes or until the chocolate and marshmallows are melted. Serve hot with a spoon!

Be a Culinary Camper

coffee cup sitting next to campfire at campsiteLooking for a spot to show off your epic campfire cooking skills? Check out Allstays Camping Location Guide.

What do you cook at the campfire? Hot dogs and burgers? Fish? Let us know in the comment section below.

If you are looking for more outdoor interests, be sure to visit our Outdoor Living Category for more tips and tricks to turning the great outdoors into your own backyard.