Using A Winch To Get Out Of A Sticky Situation

Have you ever gotten your ATV in a place that you’re not quite sure how to get out of? Then this could be of some help. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of the woods, tracking for the “sweet spot”, and all of a sudden, you’re up to your axles in mud. Well, if you have a winch like the Grip Tools 3,000 lb. 12 volt electric ATV winch from Rural King Supply, then all of your worries will be a thing of the past. You can also use it to get that perfect kill out of a precarious location.

Here are some tips on how to winch properly…

    1. Inspect your cable for frays or kinks before going on your trip.
    2. Always wear gloves while winching.
    3. Make sure you have anchor points (usually tow hooks) front and rear of your rig.
    4. Make your you have a tree strap, some ‘D’ shackles of size, short length of 3/8 chain and a good pulley block rated at twice the capacity of the winch.
    5. If you are winching another rig out you should anchor your rig to something like another rig , or a tree or a special made winch anchor.
    6. Put a heavy coat, towel or blanket over the cable while winching.
    7. After the trip, or when you put on a new cable, or when you buy a new winch you will need to rewind the cable.
    8. Let out the cable while on flat ground and run it to an anchor point.
    9. Winch your rig to that anchor point making sure the are no gaps between the cable as it winds up.



  1. Always use a tree strap to get an anchor to a tree and not your cable. Cable cut into the tree and will kill it in the long run.
  2. The heavy blanket or what ever you use on the cable while winching helps the cable to go toward the ground instead of up where it could hurt or kill someone.
  3. Remember winching can be dangerous.